Seminars for businesses

Colour Therapy seminars are provided for businesses whose object contains or is related to colours. I design the seminars based on your professional needs and the audience you want to address to (employees, salesmen or customers).

  • Why are colours essential to us
  • Psychology and qualities of colours
  • Visual communication
  • Colour, shades and shape
  • Colour, Interior design, Marketing

Colour Therapy Workshop

The purpose of the one-day workshop is, through experiential exercises and the use of healing tools, to learn:

  • The psychology of colours
  • The colour you need more the period of the seminar
  • The healing value and the symbolic message of your personal colour
  • Basic methods of Colour Therapy

Each colour has a specific healing quality and a symbolic communicative message. Our choices of colours and preferences show our healing needs and symbolic messages. Colours are a key to our subconscious and the communication with our soul.

Individual lessons

Two individual rounds of classes

1. Colour Therapy

  • The healing power of colours
  • The psychology of colours
  • Which colours you need and why
  • Where and how to use the colours you need
  • Experiential exercises in every session

2. Chromatics (Chromatology)

  • Theory of colours
  • An international visual symbolic language
  • Communication through colours
  • Use of colour in our personal space, our clothes and our personal objects
  • Experiential exercises in every session

These sessions take place via Skype. They are for anyone who wishes to learn about colours and how to use them for personal reasons. It is a comprehensive introduction to the world of colours. The sessions are informative but not educational. The exercises are experiential and aim in a better understanding of the issues discussed and not to test knowledge and progress. Certificates are provided.

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