What is Coaching:

Coaching is a systematic process to achieve goals and results, a procedure of change and evolution.

History of Coaching:

The first coaches / tutors appeared in 1830 in Oxford. They helped students to prepare and succeed in their exams.
Since 1861 we have the first coaches in sports but in early 1980, coaching is also established as a method of achieving personal and professional goals.

Theoretical background:

Coaching combines aspects of Psychology, Sociology, Neurology and Communication.
Coaching concerns our transition from the present to the future. Through discussion and specific methods and tools, coaching encourages people to clarify and fulfill their dreams, desires and goals, to find answers and solution and commit to action. Coaching is a creative process which helps people to find out and change possible dysfunctional attitudes, habits and behaviours that prevent success and well-being.

How it helps:

Coaching helps in any life situation (personal or professional) that a person wants to proceed from his/her current state to the one they really desire to be.
A few examples are:

  • Management (e.g. time management, money management, work management)
  • Performance and result improvement
  • Better balance between personal and professional life
  • Focus and evaluation of personal attitudes, dreams and desires
  • Assumption of responsibility and commitment in decision-making
  • Future planning and goal achieving
  • Skills development and implementation of the acquired skills
  • Acquirement of a new vision, perception of things and attitude

Sessions are available in person, via Skype or via phone.

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