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Aura and Chakras

Aura and Chakras
There is energy inside our body. Every action requires the transmission of energy from one neuron to another. Every movement inside our body creates aura (bioenergy) which most of us cannot see using our sight. However, some people have this ability and today we have the technology to make the most out of this ability because it allows us to observe aura in detail.

The vital energy inside our body is controlled and oriented from our centres of energy (or chakras). The level of our well-being depends on them. There are seven main chakras in our body in specific places.

Physical, emotional and mental disorders are a result of complications in energy flow in our body and in one or more of our seven main chakras.

Any malfunction in chakras affects our aura and vice versa. These two (aura and chakras) are interrelated and influence each other.

Our aura is the mirror of our body and psychological state.

Aura Imaging

Through Biofeedback we can see the condition of our aura and chakras (bioenergy), their colours, their possible malfunctions and to give the appropriate advice for change and improvement. We also see the most common colours of our aura which are related to our individual abilities.

A session includes

Photo of our aura

Indications concerning health issues or well-being in the aura and chakras,

Analysis of the main colour of our aura and chakras

Advice for improvement on the arised issues

Email with the photo of our aura and analysis of the main personality colour.

After an Aura Imaging session, we provide Coaching session. The goal of these sessions is to provide you with the appropriate support to address the issued that arised during the Aura Imaging session.

We also suggest some methods of Colour Therapy and natural products to clean your aura, enhance your chakras and bring out the positive qualities of each main colour.

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