Chrysi Fytopoulou

Colour Consulting, Coaching

After three years of studying Archaeology/History of Art in the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Ms Fytopoulou turned to the world of colours.

Since 1995, she has been working with colours as a consultant and lecturer on seminars on Chromology.


Teacher Training in A/S Therapeutics

Diploma in Vibrational Medicine using colour, gem and flower essences (Iris Int.)

Diploma in Colour Therapeutics for Interiors (H.D.I)

Professional Certificate in Colour Consultancy (T.D.E)

Certificate in Personal & Life Coaching (A/C Accredited)

Diploma in Team & Leadership Coaching (ICF Accredited)

She presented seminars on Chromology in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Brazil and Hawaii. From 2000-2008, she worked as a representative of Aura-Soma and she has translated its books in Greek. She participates in radio and TV shows, writes articles in magazines and cooperates with local and international companies like Rilken-Schwarzkopf, Avon, Marshal for seminars and events. She also conducts sessions in Personal & Team/Leadership Coaching.

In 2009, she added Biofeedback technology in her work for Aura and Chakra imaging. She conducted a study on the permanence of aura colors which she presented in the 13th international AIC congress.

She is the head of IRIDA- Institute of Research, Study & Application of Chromology.


6945261217, 2112217450

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