Chrysi Fytopoulou

Colour Consulting, Style Coaching

After three years of studying Archaeology/History of Art in the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Ms Fytopoulou turned to the world of colours.

Since 1995, she has been working as a consultant and instructor on seminars and workshops on the effects and symbology of Colours. She also conducts sessions and workshops in Personal & Team Coaching.


Teacher Training in A/S Therapeutics

Diploma in Vibrational Medicine using colour, gem and flower essences (Iris Int.)

Diploma in Colour Therapeutics for Interiors (H.D.I)

Professional Certificate in Colour Consultancy (T.D.E)

Professional Certificate in Colour Consultancy/Design (IACC)

Diploma in Style Coaching (IASC)

Certificate in Life Coaching (A/C Accredited)

Diploma in Personal Coaching (A/C Accredited)

Diploma in Team & Leadership Coaching (ICF Accredited)

She presented seminars on Colour in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Brazil, Hawaii. From 2000-2008, she worked as a representative of Aura-Soma and she has translated its books in Greek. She cooperated with local and international companies like Rilken-Schwarzkopf, Avon, Marshal for seminars and events.

She participates in radio and TV shows and writes articles in magazines.

In 2009, she added Biofeedback technology in her work for Bioenergy imaging. She conducted a study on the permanence of colors on the bio-energetic body, which she presented in the 13th international AIC congress (2017).

She is the head of IRIDA- Institute of Research, Study & Application of Colour.


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