Interior Design

The use of colours in decoration is consisted of painting the walls, the colour of furniture, fabrics, curtains, carpets, cushions, wallpapers, ornaments, etc. In our living spaces, we have a wide variety of choices so that we receive constantly the healing qualities but also the beauty of colours.

Would you like to make the best of the healing qualities of colours in your personal or professional space?

We combine Coaching with Colour Therapy so that we can create your own personal colourful atmosphere.


From ancient time until now, artists have used colours to aesthetical as well as symbolic messages in their work. In some artists (mostly in painting) a colour repeats itself and makes the painting stand out.
Colours express the artist as an individual but also his/her era.
Are you an artist interested in decoding colour in your work? Do you have a gallery and would like to present the symbolic and healing qualities of colours in your event?